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Ab alright alreadyAB alright already


A country highA country high

Adventure 45Adventure 45


After the stormAfter the storm

Ain t misbehavinAin t misbehavin


All falls downAll falls down


a-love-dance.pdf a-love-dance.pdf

a-lovers-place.pdf a-lovers-place.pdf

A little bit gypsya.little.bit.gypsy.pdf

A little bit of loveA little bit of love

an-absolute-dream.pdf an-absolute-dream.pdf

And get it on 1And get it on

alabama-slammin-french.pdf alabama-slammin-french.pdf

all-night-chacha.pdf all-night-chacha.pdf

All of meAll of me

All i wantAll i want

ai-se.pdf ai-se.pdf

amber.pdf amber.pdf


american-soldier-syndie-berger.pdf american-soldier-syndie-berger.pdf

amsterdam-rumb.pdf amsterdam-rumb.pdf

angie.pdf angie.pdf

Another crash burnAnother crash burn

another-night.pdf another-night.pdf

apache-spirit-dance.pdf apache-spirit-dance.pdf

arizona-cowboy.pdf arizona-cowboy.pdf

arizona-freeze-2.pdf arizona-freeze.pdf

a-s-p-i-r-e.pdf a-s-p-i-r-e.pdf

asian-cowboy.pdf asian-cowboy.pdf

undefined Askin' Questions

Ay mama miaAy mama mia


back-in-time-french.pdf back-in-time-french.pdf

Backwards frenchBackwards french

Bailar bailarBailar bailar

bandido-s-last-ride.pdf Bandido-s-last-ride.pdf

bang-bang-french.pdf bang-bang-french.pdf

b-b-s-(baby-back-strut).pdf B-B-S-(baby-back-strut).pdf


beginner-s-jig.pdf beginner-s-jig.pdf

back-it-up.pdf back-it-up.pdf

Best friendBest friend

Bibia be ye yeBibia be ye ye

Big blue treeBig blue tree

Big city summertimeBig city summertime

Bite the dustBite the dust


Blake n trace frenchBlake n trace french

blame-it-on-the-boogie.pdf blame-it-on-the-boogie.pdf

Blaze of gloryBlaze of glory

Blow it awayBlow it away

Blue ain t your colorBlue ain t your color

blue-night-cha.pdf blue-night-cha.pdf

Blue over meBlue over me

Body talkBody talk

Boom boom cha chaBoom boom cha cha

Boom powBoom pow

Boogy boogyBoogy boogy

Bonfire heart frBonfire heart fr

boys-girls.pdf boys-girls.pdf

Break free chaBreak free cha

bumpy-ride.pdf bumpy-ride.pdf

burlesque.pdf burlesque.pdf

burning-love.pdf burning-love.pdf

branded-liane.pdf Branded-liane.pdf

bring-the-action-1.pdf bring-the-action.pdf

Bring down the houseBring down the house

Bring on the good timesBring on the good times

undefined Broken Heels


cadillacs-caviar.pdf cadillacs-caviar.pd

Cake by the ocean 1Cake by the ocean 1

call-me-maybe.pdf call-me-maybe.pdf

California dreamCalifornia dream (novice)

california dreamincalifornia dreamin (Inter)

Can you thisCan you this

caribbean-pearl.pdf caribbean-pearl.pdf

caribbean-queen.pdf caribbean-queen.pdf

Catch releaseCatch release

catch-me.pdf Catch-me.pdf


celtic-connection.pdf celtic-connection.pdf

celtic-ct.pdf celtic-ct.pdf

Celtic duoCeltic duo

Celtic eaglesCeltic eagles

celtic-kittens.pdf celtic-kittens.pdf

celtic na laceltic na la

celtic-slide.pdf celtic-slide.pdf

Celtic teardropsCeltic teardrops

Cheap thrillsCheap thrills

cheek-to-cheek.pdf cheek-to-cheek.pdf

cheeky-charleston.pdf cheeky-charleston.pdf

Cheerio 2Cheerio


chica-boom-boom.pdf Chica-boom-boom.pdf

Chicago bonfireChicago bonfire

Chillaxin foxtrot initiationChillaxin foxtrot initiation

Chill factorChill factor

Clap snapClap snap


Cliche love songCliche love song


coastin.pdf coastin.pdf

Come aliveCome alive

come-back-my-love.pdf come-back-my-love.pdf

Come dance with meCome dance with me

comic-strip.pdf comic-strip.pdf

Confident 1Confident

conga.pdf conga.pdf

conversation-fr.pdf conversation-fr.pdf

Cooley s reelCooley s reel

coolio-1.pdf coolio-1.pdf


c-o-u-n-t-r-y.pdf c-o-u-n-t-r-y.pdf

country-as-can-be.pdf country-as-can-be.pdf

Countryfield soulCountryfield soul

Country roadsCountry roads

country-walkin.pdf country-walkin.pdf

Corazon diamanteCorazon diamante

cowboy-boogie.pdf cowboy-boogie.pdf

Cowboy strutCowboy strut

cowboy-up.pdf cowboy-up.pdf


Crazy for youCrazy for you

Cripple creekCripple creek

cry-to-me.pdf cry-to-me.pd

fcumbia-semana.pdf cumbia-semana.pdf