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sag-drag-fall.pdf sag-drag-fall.pdf


samba-huh.pdf samba-huh.pdf

sarah-beth.pdf sarah-beth.pdf

Save the daySave the day

Say geronimoSay geronimo

say-that-ya-love-me.pdf say-that-ya-love-me.pdf

secoue-toi-et-danse.pdf secoue-toi-et-danse.pdf

Shades of passionShades of passion

shadows.pdf shadows.pdf         Image video

shake-it-for-me.pdf shake-it-for-me.pdf

shake-it.pdf shake-it.pdf

shake-it-lacs-that-2.pdf shake-it-lacs-that.pdf

Shake thatShake that

Shape of youShape of you

shim-sham-boogie.pdf shim-sham-boogie.pdf

short-small-sally.pdf short-small-sally.pdf

showstopper.pdf showstopper.pdf

Skinny genesSkinny genes

Slowly gently softlySlowly gently softly

Small cubanSmall cuban


s-o-b.pdf s-o-b.pdf


So just dance dance dance 1So just dance dance dance 1

somebody-like-you-1.pdf somebody-like-you.pdf

somebody-that-i-used-to-know.pdf somebody-that-i-used-to-know.pdf

somebody-to-love.pdf somebody-to-love.pdf

something-in-the-air.pdf something-in-the-air.pdf

something-in-the-water.pdf something-in-the-water.pdf

South autraliaSouth autralia

South of santa feSouth of santa fe

speechless.pdf speechless.pdf


starships.pdf starships.pdf

set-it-off.pdf set-it-off.pdf

Stay my loveStay my love

still-love-me-tomorrow-french.pdf still-love-me-tomorrow-french.pdf


straight-to-memphis.pdf straight-to-memphis.pdf

Strip it down frenchStrip it down french

sugar-coated-darling.pdf sugar-coated-darling.pdf

Suite 215Suite 215

summer-fly.pdf summer-fly.pdf

Suspicius mindsSuspicius minds

Sweet darlingSweet darling

Sweet rideSweet ride


Tag on noviceTag on

tango-de-pasion.pdf tango-de-pasion.pdf

Take me to the riverTake me to the river

telepathy.pdf telepathy.pdf

Tenderness engTenderness eng

tennessee-waltz-surprise.pdf tennessee-waltz-surprise.pdf  

Tennessee whiskeyTennessee whiskey

that-how-they-do-it-in-dixie.pdf that-how-they-do-it-in-dixie.pdf

The biteThe bite

The bompThe bomp

the-blarney-roses.pdf the-blarney-roses.pdf

the-break.pdf the-break.pdf

the-dance.pdf the-dance.pdf

the-flute.pdf the-flute.pdf

the-fox-linedance.pdf the-fox-linedance.pdf

The galway gathering initiationThe galway gathering initiation

The gamblerThe gambler

the-great-gatsby.pdf the-great-gatsby.pdf

The love boatThe love boat

the-magic-of-love-fr.pdf the-magic-of-love-fr.pdf

The moon and starsThe moon and stars

The story of my life 1The story of my life

this-that.pdf this-that.pdf

This thingThis thing

Those were the daysThose were the days

three-times-cajun-initiation.pdf three-times-cajun-initiation.pdf

thriller.pdf thriller.pdf

throughthe-fire.pdf through-the-fire.pdf

Ticket to the bluesTicket to the blues


tinkabelle.pdf tinkabelle.pdf

trespassing.pdf trespassing.pdf

Tribal heartbeatTribal heartbeat

Truck stop 1Truck stop

Try me 1Try me

twist-em.pdf twist-em.pdf

twist-with-the-fat-boys.pdf twist-with-the-fat-boys.pdf


un-beso.pdf un-beso.pdf

Under the moon of love french docUnder the moon of love french doc

Under the sunUnder the sun

Uptown funkUptown funk